last cheeky bowl

shoe hooked up wit the greener side of life for some lunching, an' hit the revamped yotteco in the ultraman shoutengai. revamped, or so shoe thought. yotteco just got bigger, is all. no mind, shoe was a hungry lad, havin' skipped out on the breakky this morn..

anyhoo, shoe been here, done that befo', so was a lookin for some-ting a little challengin'. walkin throo the streets today was like walkin' at the bottom o' a pool, OF SWEAT. gaddam hawt an wet.

so naturally shoe went for the hottest, sweatiest bowl goin', the tonkotsu RED.

lookit that bowl! aint it pretty? the colours, man! first pass through the soup an shoe was a chokin' and a sputterin', reaching for that cool, cool water. a few more spoonfulls in an shoe was immersed, chugging through the bowl. the peanutty oil n chiles was a nice combo, if not quite as subtle as the men shounin wunderbowl, an the noodles be a little on the weak-ass limpy thin side for shoe's liking. but what a pretty bowl!

three tibetan yaks for the yotteco red. cool us down love!

they likes the shoe, they really do!

add another coupla readers to the ole bo-log here... the fine folks at Tokyofoodcast 'ave given shoe a peek.

up to seven! cheers fellas!

new digs..again

wella wella wella, yet anudda design.. whaddayatinK?

and another kick at this cat..

man, when that hunger hits, ya gots to act. and act shoe did. the higomons, word!

shoe tries hard, rreal hard to give all you peoples of the internet a fresh, fly new ramen *each*and*every*day*, but man, sometimes you gots to go back. back to the good bowls, the good places, the ones that matter..the ones you stand up for and say, 'yes, this is a ramen that deserves a second bowl'. well, higomons is one o' those bowls..shoe was in shinagawa and it was deemed good

that and nantsu-tei next door had a line of seven thousand japanese salarymen waitin' for the good stuff. shoe likes his shit, but he ain't a dummy.

and so the higomons. the repeat. the second time round. still as good.

three second place contestants inna beauty contest for the higomons. location, location, location!

cain't give it up..

k, shoe hit this place again...yep.


three deads or alives for MISOICHI

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